Sportswear as Everyday Wear

Working in the running industry, you're bound to acquire a closet full of sports clothes.
Since I work in an office, I have to dress more on the business causal side, so those piles of sports wear items don't see the work week very often. This past weekend all I wanted to wear was comfy sports clothes, but not look like a college bum or Sporty Spice. I think mixing sports wear with your everyday wear is often my new goal is to incorporate both pieces together more often. 

Pairing any sporty tee or long sleeve under a jacket instantly makes the outfit look less athletic. Running shoes don't always have to be worn with sweat pants...dark jeans flatter them as well! Adding my Nike GPS Sportswatch was a no brainier...I'm in love with the chunky, sleek look of it and how it goes surprisingly well with a lot of pieces. I donned a bit of vintage with my handmade key necklace and called it good. 

Jacket: Forever21 from Rock, Paper, Scissors
Long Sleeve: Icebreaker
Necklace: Handmade
Jeans: !IT Jeans

Do you wear your sports clothes out and about...
or are they just reserved for bumming around the house and exercising? 

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9 Responses to Sportswear as Everyday Wear

  1. Oh Kate I love this look! The T is super cool and I love blue & brown together :) I used to wear hiking boots & hoodies with dresses all the time. Cool look!

  2. Kate if you are thinking of showing how to wear the stuff you do with Gazelle you totally should!!!! This is brilliant. I have loved what Pushups to Polish does and I think it fits you so well. You are the perfect fit for showing workout to street. Brilliant Brilliant lady!

  3. I love it! Honestly, I'm so un-fashionable that I probably wouldn't even notice that any of it was sports wear! It looks adorable!

  4. Those shoes are MONEY!!!

  5. So fun! While I think you could rock the Sporty Spice ;) look this is really cool! And much more creative and fashionable than how I used to wear my athletic gear in high school...

  6. This is actually a very cool and sporty way to look pulled together! I'm amazed that you made it work so flawlessly.

  7. Thanks Megan! Yes, I'm working on bringing this huge part of my life (aka Gazelle) into my blog more. :) Glad you liked the post.

  8. Hah maybe I should do a Sporty Spice look then! :) thanks Christi!


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