Nori Wraps

Before becoming a vegetarian, I adored going out for sushi. The culture & elegance that is evidently brought out when you grab your chopsticks and gently pick up a california roll truly makes the whole experience. Lucky for me, there is plenty of veggie rolls out there so I don't have to miss out! One of my favorite aspects of diving into this plant based lifestyle has been experimenting with all types of different foods. It has forced me to go out of my comfort zone, to trust myself to make yummy and beautiful meals, even if I've never cooked the dish before. I know for a fact this is part of the reason why my cooking has improved greatly over the last year. This was my first attempt at nori wraps and considering how easy they are, I couldn't believe I had waited this long to make them at home.

Nori Wraps

Garlic Powder
Whole Grain Sushi Rice
Orange/Red Bell Peppers
Nori (or any seaweed sheet)
Rice Vinegar (optional) 
Pickled Ginger (optional)

First cook your rice. 
Since sushi rice is stickier and smaller than regular brown rice, I'd double check the directions on the package before cooking. Once the rice is cooking, prep all veggies, slicing them thin. I only had bell peppers and avocado on hand, but you can put practically any veggie in these wraps. Lay your nori sheet out on a cutting board. After rice is cooked sprinkle a dash of vinegar & garlic powder over rice and mix. Evenly spread rice over nori wrap. Place a few strips of peppers and avocados on one end. Take a corner and roll towards the opposite corner, keeping the wrap tight. 

Now I know you don't need chopsticks for your nori wrap, but I usually make a side of rice and edamame to pair with the wraps, any excuse to use chopsticks...oh and don't forget your pickled ginger and wasabi! 

What would you put in your nori wraps? 
I'd love to fry up some tofu and pair it with radish sprouts and asparagus! 

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5 Responses to Nori Wraps

  1. i got a giant box of seaweed wraps as a gift and made homemade veg sushi a few times. it's a lot of fun! avocado is my fave filler. :)

  2. YUM YUM! I love sushi so much...and pickled ginger & wasabi are a must!!

  3. I LOVE sushi! I seriously do. I really need to try this, I usually like the veggie wraps better because some of the fish ones can be a little bland sometimes. Please post the tofu one if you do it. I always fail at making tofu dishes (except for tofurkey sausage, as I put it in everything).

  4. Crossing chopsticks is bad luck !

  5. Yum! Oh my yum, I've never thought to add bell peppers to my sushi but I'm so going to try that now.
    Personally I love california rolls (don't hate me!) but cucumber and avocado rolls are good too.


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