Mini Tour - My Dressing Room

Hello folks! Hope your week has been treating you well so far! Since things have slowed down on our
house in the last couple months, I thought I'd at least keep you updated with the small improvements. Today
I wanted to give you guys a mini tour of my dressing room. None of the rooms upstairs have really been touched as far as fixing the walls, painting, redoing floors, etc... but that didn't stop me from making a space of my own and decorating over the ugliness! Welcome to my "girl cave." 

I love hanging my longer necklaces on my vintage dress form. It's a fun
piece that reminds me to add some jewelry before I leave in the morning.

All my random little trinkets and brass animals look great in this old drawer
that I repurposed into a shelf. 
Zach and my favorite wedding present from my parents, a sea compass that
my father refinished for us. Such a beautiful gift to see everyday. 
My blue industrial cabinet that I refinished and posted about in this post.  
 I love how it looks great next to the orange chair my mom painted.  

Since we only have two really tiny closets upstairs, I decided that I'd make
this room into my own dressing room. Buying a pipe, four shelf brackets, 
screws, and a wood board was all I needed to construct this open closet.
All of which can be bought at Ace Hardware or Lowes. 

After looking at this photo, I realized I really like brown and black shoes.
My "office" on the other side of the room. 
As you can see the floors are pretty worn...but I actually love how they
look. It goes well with the feel of my room. When I need time away or to unwind,
this room brings so much solace and quiet "me" time.

Do you like it? Aside from the butler's pantry, this is my favorite room in the whole house.
I'll be sad once we renovate it into a master suite...but then I will get over once we build a walk in closet
and another bathroom! 

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18 Responses to Mini Tour - My Dressing Room

  1. Oh I am super jealous! Haha, I love this room so much! The blue and the orange and all of the old little items are so pretty together. I love that you have sticks in jars, I did that in our living room and bedroom and Kyle likes it but things its weird. Now I proof that girls have great ideas!

  2. This is sara btw, sorry.

  3. Glad you did a post on your dressing room, but it is more awesome to see it in person because it has so much personality and feeling in it. Can't wait to see more of your rooms done - maybe dining room next?

  4. Love that compass! I'd love to find a desk like that too, it's exactly what I'm looking for but can't seem to find...

  5. I love that dress form! It almost looks like its wearing a vintage bathing suit.

    I also really like the idea of the clothing rack. I would love to make one for myself!

  6. That room looks like an AWESOME place to chill! You did so many creative things to make it functional and I'm super jealous. (: Thank you for sharing it with me so I could pout over not having a space like that. Hehe.

  7. love your vintage dress form! it's so adorable!

  8. I love your dressing all the vintage pieces mixed with a few modern touches!! That dress for is perfection for your necklaces!

  9. so cute! i love all of the vintage repurposing!

  10. Oh my goodness I LOVE it all! All the little vintage touches are adorable. I am so envious too; I live in a tiny studio apartment, with no chance of anything resembling a dressing room. But I know where to come for inspiration one day when I have the space!!

  11. Thanks Christi! Try any and all antique/thrift stores! And let the owners know you are looking for something like this. Good luck with your search dear.

  12. The clothing rack was so easy...i definitely recommend having another person to help make sure it's level though. :)

  13. Hey! Are those the frames I made as your wedding present?!

  14. awwww thanks Lainey! I'm glad they work in your special room! :-D

  15. What a beautiful dress form.

    I also appreciate your famed wall light!

    fun ideas


  16. Oh my gosh, your room is Incredible. I love the chevron chair and your cute little office. Nice work Kate! I'm definitely impressed.


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