2014 // Let's Discover

One of the biggest reasons I love taking a vacation during the holidays is because it is ALWAYS needed during this season. We all are guilty of it, running ourselves ragged in preparation for the end of the year, so when my parents suggested we take a week off after Christmas to head somewhere warm, Zach and I were all in. We decided that for this trip we weren't going to pack it full, like all of our other vacations, but spend it solely relaxing on the beach, reading, eating and spending time with our family. And that is exactly what we did. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but it seriously took me a couple days to unwind and not feel anxious. Relaxing is really hard for me, but I knew I needed this more than ever. When the cares melted away, I felt like I could just let my mind wander, to think more deeply about my goals, priorities, and where I wanted 2014 to go. This past year has been pretty challenging for Zach and I, but it has set us up for a new year, a year to discover.

So let's discover ourselves more. Discover what we really want from this crazy life; where our priorities truly lay. Let's discover our strengths, our weaknesses, and push ourselves beyond those. Let's discover new realms, new people, and new cultures. Discover unseen talents and buried hobbies. To just discover more. 

Continuing with the same theme from 2013, my goal of traveling at least once a month is one of my top priorities. Right up there are: training for my second 50 miler, learning another language, refining key cooking skills, journaling more, less time on social media, minimizing the material objects in my life, and continue practicing eating plant based foods. 

I'm fired up about 2014!  I'm slowly figuring out how to live a balanced life while still exploring those endless pursuits, and it damn it feels good. I've always considered myself extremely organized, but I'm not always the best of planners. So I'm testing out the app Lift to help remind me each day about my goals. I'm also pretty obsessed with using the Duolingo app as one of the ways to new a learn language. Journaling has also helped me keep track of my thoughts and focus on the direction I want my life to go. What have you found are the best tools to help you reach a goal?  

Cheers to 2014! Let's go discover! 

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One Response to 2014 // Let's Discover

  1. I love the goal of traveling once a month! And I can completely relate to this type of relaxing vacation. Usually I'm more "go, see, do" in my travels, but a beach vacation like yours is the perfect one to unwind. My boyfriend and I are headed to Punta Cana, DR next week for a few days and I can't wait!



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