House Update // Living Room

Since Zach and I are still in the midst of our kitchen renovation, I thought I'd share photos of our living room! We've had this room finished for about a year, but we took our time filling it with decorations and furniture. At the beginning of our house ownership, I was really into the vintage and shabby chic style, but slowly began to take a liking to all things "mid century modern." Hence the reason for so many pieces stylized like that in our living room. My style seems to constantly change and even though I adore this space, I'm already itching to make it more modern with some natural pieces thrown in for added warmth.  

The cool thing about this space is that a majority of the decor was either gifted, thrifted, made, or repurposed. I painted both pieces of art and repurposed two of the tables, which saved us so much money. Even though the couch isn't my favorite color, it's definitely comfy and was only $100! Eventually we'll end up splurging on a couch that will last years and have a classic look, but for now, this baby works. Probably my favorite piece is the compass my dad gave Zach and I for our wedding. It's a daily reminder of that wonderful day. 

I've always loved to organize and keep my living space clean and simple. We try not to bring in a lot of clutter and only buy pieces that have a purpose or will stick around for a while. This year, we've made a point to start getting rid of more "stuff" as we realized life is so much better with less. This word is thrown around so much that I hate to use it, but frankly we have really grown to like the idea of "minimalism" and not letting our things control our time. It's helped us keep a cleaner house, be more environmentally friendly, more productive, spend more money on higher quality items, and just be happier. As you can see from our space, there isn't much in it, but we like it better that way. :)

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4 Responses to House Update // Living Room

  1. Your living room is beautiful, your pictures are beautiful..I love reading your posts!

  2. This is really an awesome room, you guys did a great job! I love the artwork! I can't wait to see your kitchen, it is a lot of work renovating a house.

  3. Wow, you did a great job! Beautiful room.

  4. Love that living room, what a beautiful space! You've done a great job, such lovely light in there now too.


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