Run Away // Cannonsburg Ski Area

Let's talk about expectations. 
There isn't a day that goes by where you don't hear or feel this word. It is often hidden in conversations, threatening you to abide by it. From the moment we are born, expectations are forced upon us and in some ways, make us who we are. Frankly, I'm getting a little sick of them. This past weekend I was blessed with a visit from some amazing friends. We talked endlessly about our lives, desperately catching up. It seemed like we always ended up pursuing the topic of "what is next" for all our lives. Do we do what is "expected" of us; get married, buy a house, pop out children, keep the same job we had for years, live in the same city forever, retire, then do nothing... or do we go against the grain? 

I like to think that I live by my own expectations, no one else's, but let's be honest... that's not true. We all bend, but the hard part is figuring out how far? I guess I can say this is one of the purities found in the world of running. Or at least in my personal world of running there are no expectations from others. It's my goals, my races, my miles. No one expects my husband and I to run another ultra, but we are. In fact, I've found it's the opposite. People think we are crazy and question us constantly on why we would do such an "awful" and painful thing. If I lived up to their expectations, I would probably be sitting on my ass every night watching tv. 

For me, I love spending my time running: roaming trails, meeting and running with new friends, and getting time to think. This is my reality. This is my expectation.

Next time someone expects something of you, ask yourself first if this is truly what you want. 
Your life shouldn't be played out like everyone else's. 
Life is worth living. So live it well. 

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