Mixology Night // Raspberry Mint Summer Shandy

You guys, it's been hella humid here. 
The stickiness and sweltering air immediately takes me back to high school summers of cross pollinating corn. Illinois weather is just a tad hotter and more humid than Michigan, so add that on top of walking thru corn fields with jeans on and you've got a really awful summer job. Good news, I don't have to do that anymore, but if I did you can bet your ass I'd be coming home and making a summer shandy every night. 

I love how simple this drink is. You can make homemade lemonade, but if you are in a hurry concentrate works just as well. To allow for the perfect beer to lemonade ratio, let your guest pour as much beer as they want in their cup, topping it off with the lemonade. Adding the frozen raspberries instantly takes it up a notch and makes it super pretty. 

Have you enjoyed a summer shandy yet?  
For those who don't like the taste of beer, I suggest you try this out and add lots of lemonade and berries! You'll be surprised how yummy and easy it is to drink! 

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