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Back in September I decided to tackle our front porch. Little would I know that it would take me almost a YEAR to have it complete. Along the way I had some serious motivation issues, found out bead board is absolutely the worst/hardest thing to paint, and waited patiently for the weather to warm to finally paint the concrete. So naturally once this massive project neared completion, I went all plant crazy. 

I had been staring at the little hook on the porch ceiling for hours when I painted the dang thing; dreaming about the pretty plant I would hang from it. I frankly think most hanging plant holders are downright fugly... so to remedy that, I made my own. It's super easy; not to mention cheap! Just the way my hubby likes it. 

1. Cut four equal lengths of 96 inches cotton rope (depending on the size of your planter, you might need to add length or just cut off the excess at the end) I used cotton rope from Hobby Lobby.
2. String the rope through a metal ring and make sure it is located in the center.
3. Tie a knot and make sure it is really tight (double knot if needed). You will now have eight pieces that are 48 inches long.
4. Measure 16 inches down from the ring and tie two pieces of rope together. Make sure these pieces are laying right next to each other. Repeat until you have four knots.
5. Measure 8 inches down from one of the knots taking one piece of string and connecting it to a another piece of string in the knot that lays next to it. You will eventually form a circle of knots after all eight pieces of string are knotted.
6. Measure another 8 inches down and gather all of the pieces together and form a knot.
7. Place the pot in the middle of the holder with the knot in the center of the plant pot base.

Have you ever made your own hanging plant holder? Suggestions on the best plants to put in one? I'm anxious to make another holder for our butler's pantry soon!

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One Response to DIY // Hanging Plant Holder

  1. Kate this is really cool! What kind of plant is that? I think I bought one like it at Ikea, it is impossible to kill (I neglected mine). I am going to show Kyle this and see if I can con him into installing a hook so we can have one :D


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