Weekend Adventures // Away to Austin

Amongst busy lives, little trips away can be a blessing. 
Packing light, I took off to visit one of my best friends, Kenz, out in Austin, Texas. 
During this mini vacation, we celebrated Kenzie's birthday with a cookie crawl... think pub crawl, 
minus the booze. Hitting up the best bakeries in Austin, we filled our tummies with sweet goodies and 
giggled how cute Kenz looked in the chef hat and apron we made her wear. 
Wanting to absorb as much of Austin life as possible, we made our way around the city. 
Chowing down on lots of food, hitting up the shopping district, and taking in tons of great sights, 
Austin has so much to do and see! Here are just some of the killer spots we visited...
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1. Torchy's Taco - a yummy food truck that boasts some rad taco's - the fried avocado is delish
2. Rogue Running - of course I had to visit a running store! Not only is this store cute, the staff is
amazing. We ran with the Rogue running group on Saturday along Lake Bird Lake, which is definitely
something I recommend to anyone going out to Austin! 
3. Quack's Bakery - part of Kenzie's cookie crawl, Quack's had some of the fanciest desserts and
an awesome Vegan Trail Mix cookie! 
4. Hopdoddy - several friends recommended eating at this burger joint, including the lovely Megan,
from The Fresh Exchange. After finishing our 12 miler on Saturday, a hearty veggie burger was just what
 I needed.... of course there was french fries and beer involved. :)
5. JuiceLand - I want to transport this quaint little juice shack back to Michigan. Probably one of the
best green smoothies I've ever had here. With an abundant list of smoothies, juices, shots, & cocktails,
I wanted to try everything. The Ginger Kale Smoothie & wheatgrass shot had to suffice. 
6. Austin Java - before leaving on our flight, we had a lovely brunch of breakfast tacos and coffee at
Austin Java. I was really surprised at the length of the menu & how you can customize your own tacos! 
7. Buffalo Exchange - if you love to thrift shop, Buffalo Exchange is a must go to! This fuchsia dress
was my favorite find of the day. 
8. Whole Foods Market - since we don't have one in Grand Rapids, I drooled my way through this
store. It's definitely an experience in itself. Please Whole Foods, come to GR!  
9. Mother's Cafe - the ultimate vegetarian/vegan restaurant...and don't forget dessert. The chocolate
cake and chocolate peanut butter pie are incredible!  
10. UT Campus - In the center of Austin lies the University of Texas' campus.
It's pretty big and worth the walk or drive past. 

The atmosphere in Austin is so different than Grand Rapids. There were so many things that
I'd love to bring back to Michigan, but I guess that's what makes each place unique. I know I'll be
returning to see more shows, eat from more food trucks, and explore some of the spring pools
we didn't get to visit.
So, so long for now Austin. 

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4 Responses to Weekend Adventures // Away to Austin

  1. Kristine FreshourApril 18, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    Now I'm hungry. Love that dress!

  2. Thanks for visiting me and my city! I love you! xo.

  3. Oh I have never been to Austin but these pictures are amazing! I really want to go take a trip now and this post is making me hungry! lol :)

    Thanks for all of your encouragement and support for my running. I seriously love the training guide, I feel really good and am excited about the run!


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