One Lonely Couch

Keys to our apartment were turned in today...we are officially out of the apartment complex! 
Oh how heavenly it is to have been living in one place with all our belongings this past week. 
We've been working on organizing and building storage since that is something our house seriously lacks. 
So as promised, I wanted to give a little update to the finished floors and overall progress. 
See for yourself the view of the living room! 

Pre-close (6/2/11)

After days of sanding, spackling, & priming (9/3/11)

Refinished "Spanish Walnut" floors & paint (9/24/11)

Besides our bistro table and a bench, this is the only piece of furniture downstairs. 
Our lonely couch...that has a stain that doesn't seem to be budging. 
I'm hoping to fit a trip to IKEA in sometime to clean the store out and outfit some of the other rooms.

The floors are something we are so glad we budgeted for. Without a doubt it transformed our house and made it feel so much more cleaner. If you are in the Grand Rapids area, talk to Barb from Phoenix Floor Finishing if you are interested in having your floors refinished or new ones put in. They pretty much rock. 

Hope you are enjoying Fall thus far! 
I'm thriving in this layering, cider drinking, scarf wearing season. 


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5 Responses to One Lonely Couch

  1. The floors are terrific but the walls look great too. The gray in the living room really plays well off the rich floor color. That couch looks like it belongs and it won't look lonely once it's companion chair is done :)

  2. Oh wow, I can't believe the progress you've made! It looks great!

  3. Hooray for incredible progress! I still can't believe how much sweat equity you've thrown into this so far. It'll truly feel like your home when you're done.

  4. Love that couch! We just purchased a home too and I can't wait to decorate it.

  5. Love the floors! You really realize how yellow they were before when you see the after shot. The grain looks amazing!


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