Junebug Feature

Today is our three month anniversary! Woot!
Not to keep bombarding you with photos and posts from our wedding...but we were recently featured on Junebug Wedding! I wrote a little ditty about the wedding day to accompany Bryan and Mae's wedding photos of us...feel free to hop over to Junebug to get more insight on our "tying the knot." 

Thanks Bryan and Mae for submitting our wedding and a big thanks to Junebug for the feature!
It was a great reminder of the happiest day of my life. :)


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3 Responses to Junebug Feature

  1. Congrats on getting featured, that's awesome!

  2. Your wedding photos are absolutely stunning! I'm obsessed with your bridesmaids dresses. The color is to die for!

  3. your wedding was absolutely stunning! and that dress, wow!


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