I've been having a killer time surfing Pinterest.
It is such an amazing site for inspiration on just about any faucet of life! Especially with decorating a new house, getting recipe ideas, and staying on top of the latest fashion trends.  With Fall being my favorite season, I'm gearing up towards wearing comfy long sleeves, boots, light scarves, and pinning every adorable fall outfit I see.  Right now, I'm drooling over all types of plaid for Fall.
See for yourself.

Images via Pinterest
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I've had plaid on my mind and can't wait to bust out plaid button downs with chunky sweaters.
Is anyone else feeling the plaid trend? I think it looks especially sexy on men. You hear that Zach?!
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4 Responses to Plaid

  1. I really like to see other people wear plaid but I almost never do so myself. For some reason it just doesn't quite work out for me. Your "subtle" hint to Zach cracks me up, too.

  2. I too love plaid...brings back preppy memories...makes me think of books, snuggling by a fire in a log cabin in the winter.

  3. I agree, plaid always looks amazing on the guys!

  4. I LOVE plaid. One of those things that never really goes out of style :) I remember when I was only about 19 and the guy I was dating wore a plaid shirt I totally gave him a hard time back then but now I really like the stuff. But with that said, there are some plaid color combos that just don't work. Know what I mean? hehe.
    I just tried to join pinterest this week actually but right now I have a message in my email box saying I'm on a waiting list. Grrr! If you could get me in sooner I'd love you forever! :)


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