A Birthday Weekend

Two weekends in a row I've been spoiled rotten with amazing get-togethers with my college friends. 
After a rough start on Saturday - we thought the fridge had died and we'd have to buy a new one - I was more than happy to kick back, laugh over stories from last week, and eat Emily's awesomely potent jello shots in celebration of Anna's 24th birthday! Here are just a few pictures of the night. 

I'm not sure how the night progressed to this...they really do like each other. :) 
A little gif for Anna on her birthday! 

how do you make gifs

Did you guys have a great weekend? 
Zach and I have been trying to enjoy our new neighborhood and everything it offers by taking walks and exploring the area.  On these pleasant summer nights we've been taking advantage of our screened in porch to  eat on, read, and surf the internet. I can already picture myself creating a little blogging nest out here. 

Have a lovely Monday night! 


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4 Responses to A Birthday Weekend

  1. love like laughter.August 15, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    This is the best bday present a girl could ask for. Thanks again for everything, especially coming down to celebrate, as well as taking pictures. I will forever treasure pinching Eric in the face. :) love you!!!

  2. These photos are beautiful! It's great when you can take a normal situation and capture it so beautifully.

    Cup of Tea

  3. "That is a great gif you have of me getting punched in the face!" This is the only time I could ever see myself saying that exact statement and meaning it. Great pics!


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