Bridal Shower

I had such a fun weekend! No stress, wedding dress fitting, house shopping, time with Mom, and a bridal shower!  On Saturday, Zach's mom and sister hosted a beautiful bridal shower for me. I'm so excited to officially become part of the family and so blessed to have such great future in-laws. The first few pictures below are at the bridal shower; where we ate some really yummy Italian fixings, opened lovely gifts, and mingled!  Thank you everyone who came out; it was so nice to have some lady time. 

Baby Natalie & Grandma Horner
Afterwards, Mom and I headed back to Grand Rapids and stopped by a clothing swap. I had quite a few things that I have been meaning to donate or send to consignment shops, but I figured this would be way more fun.  Met some really nice ladies and saw a few I already knew! I ended up walking away with two tops, a jacket, and a pretty scarf. Score! Of course we had to grab a few outfit shots once we got home...and after the humidity had had it's way with my hair. :)  

This dress is actually one of my favorite thrift store finds. You can't tell from the pictures but it has a great semi  peter pan collar and it is super lightweight. I was worried that the neckline was a tad low...but then I figured that I'm young and you only have so long to be able to pull off outfits like this before it becomes inappropriate. 

Had to throw in a jumping picture. It was a swell weekend. 
A bonus...we are going to be putting an offer on a house! Not sure if we'll get it, but if we do, I cannot wait to share details and my plans for renovating it.  That will be the next project after the wedding. :) 

Till Later 

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8 Responses to Bridal Shower

  1. you are absolutely stunning in these pictures! your hair is PERFECT! so sad i missed your shower, but it looks like it was a blast. so glad you got a stress-free weekend!

  2. What a beautiful dress! I really love that last one of you jumping, hehe too cute! I love the pics from the bridal shower, your wedding is coming up so fast! Good luck on the house, I hear your side of the mitten is easier to deal with than ours when it comes to housing, and all the houses are lovely there :)

    ps Just emailed you!

  3. Sounds like you had a great shower!! Love that dress with those great gold sandals!

  4. you look fabulous! i love your attitude about the low-cut dress! you are so right!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. And I love the dress that you wore... the pattern & hues are just SO lovely! And your hair? Looks so gorgeous. xx veronika

  6. What a great dress! You look so happy here. And I have my fingers crossed for your house, I hope that works out!

  7. awww you're so puuuuurty! Love that vintage style dress. Hope your shower was wonderful and you had lots of laughs and smiles :)

  8. how fun, I love bridal showers. How were the gifts though? That's the real question. (just kidding :)
    How cool you went to a clothing swap, I've always wanted to go to one of those. I'm glad to hear you were able to get some good stuff. That makes me want to go to one even more now.
    I love the crisscross gold sandals. I'm also loving that toenail color!


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