Weekend Adventures // Camping at Manistee National Forest

"Doesn't last night's reality seem so far away?" 
It's funny how quickly we forget discomfort. That the moment we get back into our comfort zone, we tend to forget that once felt strain. Zach's question immediately prompted thoughts of our camping trip to Manistee National Forest; the restlessness and beauty of this weekend adventure indeed seemed ages ago. 

Camping isn't made to be completely tranquil and this is one of the reasons we love it. If it were meant to be effortless, then we might as well stay home and do nothing. Hiking several miles to a preferred campsite, attempting to build a fire with wet wood, and sleeping in 20 degree weather are not painless, but reward comes from overcoming these obstacles, for "surviving" if you will. 

Talking with Zach about these small obstacles we overcame this weekend made me realize how weak and fragile we truly are when we stay in our comfort zones. I felt like I was a baby for being so sore after sleeping one night on the ground and that my arches hurt from miles of hiking. Had I coddled myself too much? Shielded myself from the elements? It made me instantly feel blessed for the luxuries we have, but ashamed at the same time for being so spoiled. 

This absentmindness about discomfort is why we cherish our weekend adventures. They are constant reminders of explorations forgotten. Reminders that there is always more to see, more to experience, more to feel. 

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  1. I absolutely love the stories that the pictures you take are capable of telling.


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