House Update // Porch

Remember that time when working on our house consumed our lives and was a glaring priority for all to see? Well it's that time of year when race training settles down and we reassess the needs of this old American Foursquare again. There are plenty of items to tackle, but I thought I'd share the last renovation we did, our front porch! Seriously a year in the making, this sucker has turned out to be one of my favorite places in our house. Not sure how much use we'll get out of it this winter, but nevertheless it makes me smile everytime I open our front door. 

So what are our goals for this winter? It's a lofty list, but totally manageable with lots of free weekends ahead. I'm hoping ya'll keep us accountable. :) 

Sand, replaster, & paint the rest of bedrooms (three to go!)

Remove bead-board (and wallpaper behind it) from kitchen walls - DONE
Sand down existing kitchen cabinets and paint white
Sand, plaster, and paint ceiling and walls white
Install opening shelving on either side of kitchen window
Remove countertops and install butcher block
Install a backsplash up to first shelf
Install appliances/lighting that need to be updated
Refinish kitchen and bathroom floors

Have you renovated a kitchen before? 
We are looking to do this on a small budget - under $2000 is the goal! 

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One Response to House Update // Porch

  1. I love all the light coming in and that natural wooden countertop-table along the wall.

    The only thing I'm sad about is how gorgeous that dark wood on the ceiling was; I can't figure out why anyone put wood that pretty on the ceiling where no one would see it, haha.


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