How To Style Your House Plants

Giving life, personality, and instant beauty in any environment; house plants are the perfect home accessory. But just like any of your other decor piece, they require a bit of styling.
Here are four tips on how to easily style your house plants.

1. Picking Planters - there are a plethora of pots & planters to choose from out there. I highly suggest going with some sort of ceramic planter. Depending on size and medium, these can become quite expensive, but there is no comparison between the look of these, verse plastic pots. A glazed ceramic has a very rich appearance and creates a "decorative" feel to any room.

2. Ground Covering - moss, stones, sand, and shells are just a few types of coverings that dress up potted plants. I like to use sheet moss that can be purchased at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. This creates a "clean" look compared to planters that just showcase dirt and roots! 

3. Placement - try curating plants to create height in any room. On trays, benches, side tables, mantels, bookshelves, or even hanging from the ceiling - the eye will immediately be draw to them! I use two snake plants in these white mod planters to flank our mantel. 

4. Groupings - to create a big impact, try grouping small or big plants together in odd numbers. These "families" create a dramatic effect and are a cost-efficient way to decorate.

Any other suggestions on how to style your house plants?

I just purchased a ficus lyrata tree (fiddle-leaf fig) and am pretty excited about our plant collection. If only we had more natural light, our house would be overloaded with plants!

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