Goals // Spring 2013

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one. 
-James Anthony Froude

I've never been the type to sit idly aside, waiting for all my hopes and dreams to come true. For me, dreams come into fruition by setting lofty goals. Goals that once accomplished become stepping stones to big things. These goals don't make or become accomplished on their own; like a piece of metal consumed by the flame, we must bend and shape ourselves if we want change to happen. Pursuing our goals and dreams not only takes great action, but also the desire to accomplish the unknown. It means moving onward! 

So when this winter came around I was aside myself when I fell into a deep rut. We all have these moments where your drive evaporates and you all you want to do is put your sweatpants on and mope. In my head I wanted to do so much, yet had an overwhelming sense of discouragement. This feeling hung around for a couple of weeks and frankly, I felt like a total pos. Once the New Year approached I made the resolution in my head to start anew – I was done feeling unmotivated! Sometimes you just need little goals like that to get you back on the right track.

With winter hopefully leaving us soon, we decided to sit down and jot out all our big and little goals for Spring. Hashing out the game plan for what 2013 is going to look like and how we could make the most out of this year - I'm pumped for the adventures this season will bring!

I know some people shy away from setting goals for themselves because it can sometimes lead to an endless list that never gets accomplished. For us, these goals are also ways for us to make sure we are living life to it's fullest. In the past they have forced us to get out of our comfort zones and created experiences we'll never forget. Here are just a few items on my list - I can't wait to start tackling them! 

What goals are you pursuing this year? 
Any advice on how to get back that drive and tackle the to-do list?
Go grab yourself a cup of tea and jot down those aspirations! 

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2 Responses to Goals // Spring 2013

  1. glad to see you're back at blogging!
    sounds like a great list of goals...congrats on your new job!

  2. I just told dad that I wanted to put in a large garden this year and can tomatoes again like I did years ago - haha we're on the same page. Encouraging post.


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