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I am thrilled to be filling in on Heart Full of Daisies while Kate is away! I met Kate over a year ago through blogging and have been friends ever since. It's easy to see why - we have so much in common! We both live in Grand Rapids, had our weddings at the same venue, both just bought new homes, and both love blogging!

I love reading Heart Full of Daisies. Kate's blog is so inspirational - from her recipes, to house decor posts, to outfit posts, she pretty much covers it all ... but you already knew that! What you don't know is who I am. 
Hi! I'm Kayley from Sidewalk Ready.

As I said before, I am from Grand Rapids, MI ... and winter dressing is a major challenge here with all the snow and freezing temps. After my first winter of blogging, I soon realized that layering can go oh-so right, and also oh-so wrong. Here are several of my favorite layered looks from last winter. *Please keep in mind that any of these outfits shown without a coat, are normally worn outdoors with a coat. I just ditched it for photo purposes.*

Examples of layering over dresses:


With pants:


Other options:


If you would like to see more photos of any of the above outfits, just click the picture and it will you direct you to the original blog post over on Sidewalk Ready!

Thanks, Kate, for asking me to guest post - and thanks to you for reading! Stop by Sidewalk Ready anytime and say "Hi!".

- Kayls

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4 Responses to Guest Post - Sidewalk Ready

  1. All of these looks are fabulous!! The photos are particularly gorgeous. I love them all!

    Cup of Tea

  2. You're right, winter outfits can be hard to style and stay warm! I love these options, especially the black outfit - blazer, pants, heels. Love your blog, Kayley!

  3. What beautiful photos! It seems you've perfected the art of layering! I especially love the second photo - such a fun, young look! :)


  4. love this post! gorgeous outfits, and thank you Kate for introducing a lovely new blog for me to check out!! :)


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