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Hey readers of With a Heart Full of Daisies, this is Sara, from She is Sara guest posting (as you can see) for Kate while she is off doing what every little girl dreams of doing when they grow up, getting married!! I was lucky enough to meet Kate at a blogger meet-up in Grand Rapids earlier this year and she is such a sweet and amazing girl!  I am really excited for her and happy that she is tying the knot this week with such a wonderful person, wish you two all the best!!
For my guest post I decided to do something a little different. Over at my blog, I do movie reviews every week or so because when I see an amazing movie or film, I feel the need to share it. So, going along with the nuptials, I decided to name off my favorite wedding-themed movies, high fidelity style!

Here are my top five favorite wedding films.
 My Best Friend’s Wedding. Okay, okay, this maybe a favorite among many but it’s for a good reason! Julianne Potter’s long-time best friend Michael O’Neal is getting married.  Julianne realizes that she is in fact in love with Michael and tries to go after him, days before the wedding. What Julianne doesn't expect is to find Michael’s fiancé Kimberly to be so…nice. An awkward yet, hilarious battle to win the guy, and dodge the girl ensues, making for a classic romantic comedy.

Next up we have Rachel Getting Married. This one is angsty-drama about a young woman named Kym, who has been in-out-of rehab for the past ten years, who is allowed to come home for a few days so that she can stand up in her sister Rachel’s wedding.  Kym is a troubled girl and the atmosphere in her home is strained when she is constantly confronted with her past, and struggling to do what is right in the present.  The wedding seems to bring a peace to the family and it is a beautiful one full of loved ones and incredible music. 
The Princess Bride, classic! This is comedic fairy-tale with the works; swordplay, a beautiful princess, an evil prince, all wrapped in the glory of the eighties. Seriously! Who could not love a princess with the name “Buttercup”? Well, first off, she is not really a Princess, at least not in the beginning anyway. She starts off as a simple girl on a farm, giving orders to her help Westley who always responds with “as you wish”. Buttercup soon realizes that he loves her and that she feels the same for him and Westley decided to head out to earn a fortune so they may live a happy life together. Well five years pass and Buttercup agrees to marry a prince assuming that Westley is dead. Well he is not, and a hilarious adventure begins as he does whatever he can to get his beloved Buttercup back.
Next we have The Wedding Singer, mostly because Drew Barrymore is so cute in this movie, but it is also really funny. Robbie Hart is a professional wedding singer with a recently broken heart. He works with Julia, who is very energetic and supportive of Robbie, she is also engaged. To help cheer Robbie up, she asks him to help him plan her own wedding and their friendship grows. So does Robbie and Julia’s feelings for each other. Julia is confused, and Robbie decides to suck it up and tell Julia how he feels. A typical, wrong-place-wrong-time scenario happens and everything becomes a mess. Robbie does everything he can to get Julia, including some help from Billy Idol. 
Last but not least, we have Mama Mia! Technically, this is a musical but it is awesome! On the Greek island of Calicos, Sophie, a 20 year old girl, is preparing to marry her fiancé Sky. She only wants one thing before her wedding, for her Father to walk her down the aisle. The difficulty in that is, she doesn’t know who her Father is! So she steals her Mother’s diary from the year she was born and discovers three possible candidates, and mails them all invitations to her wedding. Her Mother Donna, has not seen any of these men since Sophie was conceived and is shocked to discover them at her hotel, before her daughter’s wedding. As Donna tries to put away memories of her old flames, Sophie tries to piece it all together, and has a little self-discovery while she is it. The ending is a bit of a twist, but not before lots of Abba songs to get stuck in your head for days, in a good way! 
Well I hope you guys liked this list & the mini-reviews! I seriously want to go watch these all RIGHT NOW! Thanks for reading my post and all the best for Kate!

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4 Responses to Top Five Wedding Movies - by She is Sara

  1. Great movie-choices! You picked excellent wedding-films and your descriptions are lucid and helpful. I think you should become a movie-reviewer, Sara!

  2. Great picks! My list would have probably been very similar!

  3. I forgot how much I miss the Princess Bride! need to watch that SOON! I just watched Bride Wars last night with my mom. Now that movie is hilarious ;)


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